MAJ is a classic Nordic sweater with clean design lines.
The name came from the vertical lines on the yoke.
With their decorative organic, almost flowerlike,
shapes on top, they reminded me of a bountiful


kr 50,00Pris
  • The sweater is knitted from the bottom up. The body and sleeves are knitted separately, in the round.
    Then the body and sleeves are united to form the yoke with the beautiful pattern.
    A couple of German short rows are added for a better fit at the back of the neck.

    This sweater has some design details that you can choose to apply. A gentle waist shaping and the choice of two or three colors in the yoke.
    These design choices are written in italics in the pattern – and you can choose to follow them or not, depending on your mood and how you want your sweater to end up.

    Before you begin: Read through the entire pattern before you cast on. Make sure that you know which directions apply to your size and choices. And don’t forget to make a swatch – especially if you decide to knit with a different yarn – to make sure that your gauge matches the one in the pattern.